Hacking Free Clash Royale Gems

The popular mobile game Clash Royale is available on both Android and iOS. It is made by SUPERCELL who also is the creator of the even more popular game Clash of Clans (gem and gold generator for Clash of Clans can be found by clicking here). Yes, that is a free gem generator for Clash of Clans.

We are a team of coders who are specialized in dissecting network layers of mobile applications which grants us access to the data that is sent between the user and the game server. Once the encryption is cracked we are able to change the header data of the gem and gold packets which allows us to exploit unlimited resources to anybody in the game as long as you have the player’s username.

Can I use your generator on my phone or PC?

The short answer is yes! Our hack is constantly monitored and updated almost daily. It is developed to work for all devices, even PCs. Macbook, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS and almost every device with an internet connection will be able to use our service. There is a lot going on behind the scenes which includes API bypassing, SQL queries and our team is always ready to update our generator as soon as an update is pushed for the game.

How does it work?

There is a lot of competition out there as you probably have noticed when going through a lot of Clash Royale generators which turns out to not work. However we can not publically release any information about how we are “generating” gems. We are inspecting the data packets deeply in the network layers and bypassing any firewall and other obstacles by repacking the modified packets to match their initial size.

Is it safe?

There is absolutely no risk in using our generator to get free gems and gold. As stated above we are modifying the network packets that are being sent to the game server. We extract the data, modifies it and repacks it. This means it is impossible for SUPERCELL to detect that you have been using our service as there are absolutely no trails that leads back to you.

As you can use our generator to generate resources to your friends (or enemies) this means you could easily get your worst enemy banned from Clash Royale just by generating ridiculously high amount of gems to their account. This is possible to do but there is no risk of getting your or your friends or enemies accounts banned.

Around 92 000 gems generated from Clashack.

Around 92 000 gems generated from Clashack.org.

Visit our gem generator for Clash Royale here: clashack.org